Lebanese wines have been IN in Quebec for the last few years. Little did we know about these wines until recently. We’ve seen them on the SAQ shelves for a little over a dozen years, but the winemaking history of Lebanon goes back a few thousand years. It’s placed in the “New World” category along the USA and New Zealand, even though the Phoenicians were making and exporting wines well before the first grapes were turned into wine in the “Old world”.

Several wineries made their mark on the local and international markets. Clos St-Thomas is one of them. With a prolific experience of over 50 years in winemaking and distilling, Said Touma, with his family, founded Clos St-Thomas in 1990. The first wines will be marketed in 1999. Having now reached majority, they’ve expressed the terroir of the Bekaa for 18 years.

Being a young winery in a country with millennia of history, Clos St-Thomas joins tradition to modernity. Tradition, because since its beginnings, it’s been a family history, with the younger generations joining those present. Tradition, because it works toward the preservation of autochthonous grapes (Obeidi). A mass is celebrated on the eve of the harvest in a chapel carved in rock, dedicated to St-Thomas.